The time Duke thought he was a celebrity

picture via III MEF Facebook page
Back in July Duke flew up to Sapporo, Japan for an air show. Well, turns out those Northern Japanese folk just love the Osprey. I believe it was the first time they had really seen it, so perhaps that is what stoked the fire, but I was cracking up as Duke was sending me these pictures and telling me about his experience up there. Too good. I had to record it on here so we can look back later and chuckle.
When they first arrived they talked to some of the Japanese military pilots. This guy kept telling Duke how cool he was apparently and asked if they could be Facebook friends. 
 Duke said everyone was just throwing babies at him and snapping pictures. My favorite story though is one lady told him in her broken English that she watched the osprey's from a hill as they landed the night before and was brought to tears. TEARS!!!
 Signing schwag. Who is this guy? Apparently they also sold out of every pen, sticker, T-shirt--every single piece of gear for sale they had brought. I'm telling you--these people love the Osprey. Also hilarious, because down here in Okinawa there are protestors about the Osprey specifically every day.
Photo via III MEF Facebook Page
Gotta love those Japanese folks!

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