Oregon Coast

Ah the Oregon Coast. Beautiful and chilly. I suppose it was a nice break from the oppressive heat and humidity of Okinawa though. I grew up coming out here every few years. My dad is from Portland area and we would venture out for family reunions. My grandparents moved to Indianapolis 5 or so years ago to have family help take care of my grandpa, so it had been 6 years since I've made it out there. I'm so grateful I was able to come out and see all my family. 
 So excited to be having a baby around the same time as my sister! She's due about 4 weeks before me. Our little kids are gonna be BFF obviously. Whether they like it or not.
 Jules, Tyler & Jo
 24ish weeks
 Eating at Mo's, bc that is what you do at the Oregon Coast. Also,I've never liked Clam Chowder, but I tried a little here...not too bad...
 Our beachside cottage for the week!
 Hiked through the insanely beautiful and green forest area. I would hike everyday for the rest of my life in that weather and beauty.
More pictures coming soon...

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