The last week of July we were super lucky to have the opportunity to travel TOGETHER to Fiji. Duke's whole family was there and had been planning the trip for several months with the idea that Duke wouldn't be able to go. Then 2 weeks prior he got the OK and was able to still get on the same flights as me. So happy he got to come. The trip was a blast and nice and relaxing as you can imagine. We flew into Nadi close by on Denarau Island. The weather was one of the nicest perks of the trip. I expected the hot oppressing heat of Okinawa, but to my surprise it was an extremely pleasant, non-humid, high 70's/low 80's temp. I was actually chilly at times. Below is a ton of pictures from our trip. I still have some more to share, so I'll put those in another post :)
 do you like his straw hat we found? Ha
 Duke's little nephew Jack. Isn't he the cutest guy?
Actually this picture might be the cutest one ever. A baby holding a puppy. It doesn't get better than that.
One of the days we spent on Robinson Crusoe Island. I really enjoyed it. Although according to the tour guides if you aren't screaming "BULA!!" at the top of your lungs that means you're not having fun. Who knew.
 We got the "real" Fijian experience ;)
 I would def recommend island hopping if you go to Fiji. The islands are gorgeous!
 well hello Mr model
 This guy climbed up the coconut tree and picked us some fresh coconuts.
 drinking fresh coconut water in paradise..it's basically what my dreams are made of
 hermit crab races..for real
 my hermit even won a prize
 sunset volleyball
 The McCrory siblings
 hot stone walkers from Beqa-for some reason only Fijians from Beqa have this ability to walk on the fire hot stones.
 Some Polynesian fire dancing to end the night.

 Kava ceremony. Tasted like dirt.
View from our pool
 Visited Sleeping Giant Park and even little 14 month old Jack ziplined! Still not sure if he was terrified or loved it. I'm leaning toward terrified.
 Elephant Ears! Ha, I love this picture bc Duke only did this to make me laugh. And it worked. He knows me so well.
Resort land.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the baby with the puppy... heaven. Ps. This trip looks like a blast! So glad Duke got to be there with you.