Fiji Part II-GoPro Edition!

These pictures are all from our GoPro. We finally decided it was time to get serious with our water camera. We messed around with a sony version and a cheap water camera, but the quality does not compare! Most of these pictures are from Duke's diving experience with sharks. I'm pretty bummed I was not able to go! Pregnancy can be such a fun sucker! They dove with about 40 bull sharks, no cages, just some experts who only have a pole for protection. He said it was one of the coolest things he's ever done. So we're gonna have to go again for my sake. I was able to do a little snorkeling, but the snorkeling we saw didn't compare to Okinawa. We are spoiled living here!
 Oh hello Mr Shark!
The video is way cooler to watch than the pictures
Hey look it's me! Pro Snorkler
 Zipline adventures..had to sit this one out too :(
So grateful for this wonderful trip!

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  1. These photos are seriously so incredible! The shark photos give me the willies. I cannot believe Duke did that.