Bland Family Reunion

Bland Family reunion 2014! That was what brought my family to the coast in the first place. Almost all of these pictures are from July 4th..apparently the only day I really used my camera at the reunion. Love my Bland Family so much and really hoping I can make it out for the 2016 one. 
Started the day with a sandcastle contest...glad we had the Lims on our team to help out! My sister-in-law's family had driven down from Seattle to spend some time with us at the reunion. And they have some serious sand castle-making skills. 
The finished project! We may have one 1st place..no big deal. I mostly supervised however.
That night we had a bonfire on the beach complete with a nice firework show right in front of us.
Me, Crystal & Erica
Brittany & Jules
The Lim Family!
Aren't my parents just the cutest?!
Cousins Traci & Kim & Baby November
My awesome sister-in-law Hannah threw Brittany and I a joint baby shower while we were out there. Her and her mom made some awesome food and had some cute decorations going on. Thanks Hannah!! And thanks family that came!! Very Grateful!
Brittany is having a boy & I am having a girl hence the pink and blue
Julie & Crystal being good sports :)
The rest of the reunion was pretty much games bc the Bland family loves its games! This picture was taken probably around 1 am playing resistance. Good times
Jonathan's "lying faces" were cracking us up. Resistance is a mafia-like game. And Jonathan is either the best or worst liar out there. Still on the fence. But below was his face when answering any questions. Who is he?
2 cute cousins wearing bow ties. 

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