San Francisco

I just got back from a wonderful but seemingly short trip to the States. Love that good ol' US of A! My trip began in San Francisco which was lovely as it was my first time to visit! The weather was such a nice change from the intense humidity and heat here in Okinawa. My first stop after the airport was Whole Foods. As I walked up to the store I couldn't help but have a big old smile on my face. You people in America are spoiled. I was hungry and wanted to stock up on some good fruit I can't get out here. Also, you know you are use to living in Japan when you go to Whole Foods and think, "wow this produce is so cheap!!".  My second stop was Target. Had to get the most important places out of the way first!

I only had about 2 1/2 days in San Francisco before I met my parents to head to Yosemite. So even though I hadn't been there, my main priority was shopping. I spent pretty much the whole first day shopping at Union Square. It was a dream come true.
23 weeks
 The Painted Ladies at night
The next day I did a little sight-seeing. Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge (which I could barely see through all the fog!!), and hit up some food places. 
 I was all excited to see the seals(/sealions?? I don't know the difference), come to find out they all migrate south for mating season! But there was this one lonely seal! 
 The foggy GGB
 Ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery=scrumptious
It was a fun, very short trip in the city. I hope to make it back with Duke to explore more!

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