Out and Around Yosemite

I took a lot of pictures on my trip, so I'm trying to split them up a bit! My mom, dad and 2 youngest siblings flew into San Francisco and we headed off to Yosemite. We covered A LOT of ground out there. We stayed in Sonora and the first day we drove all through the Stanislaus National Forest, then drove all the way down to Mono Lake, and through Yosemite on Tioga Road back to Sonora. The whole drive was incredibly beautiful, although I think we were in the car about 8 hours! 
 We stopped at a bunch of sites along the way and did a little hiking...
Donnell Vista
 23 weeks^
 Found some big ol' pinecones which my mom decided would make a good souvenir ;) 
Mono Lake 
 In-n-Out stop at 1am. This is why I love America.
 Stopped at some fruit stands along the way to Yosemite. And you bet I stocked up like a mad man!
I think I ate about 50 peaches while I was out there. They were SOOOO good and I can't find them out here! Oh i miss them already!!!
My momma
Erica & Jonathan
And my pops!
 I made my family stop at every Mexican restaurant I saw. My little brother kept saying "We just ate Mexican food!!!" but would later say "good choice Mickelle". (I'm always right ;) ) I basically dictated every food choice on this trip. It was only fair!
I also had to take a picture of this set up. We have too many devices!! I also love that my mom brought a power strip...not a bad idea.


  1. power strip made my laugh out loud! Your mom cracks me up!

  2. Your family looks AWESOME! Next time take me with you. I can be a stand in Erica if you ever need one ;)