Pregnancy Update

22 weeks
21 weeks

This belly will not stop growing. I suppose that's a good thing, but it is just weirding me out! I haven't done a very good job writing much in my journal or on the blog about my pregnancy, so I thought I'd jot down a few things. Here's a few stats as of today:

How far along: 22 weeks- baby is about 1 lb, 11 inches
Total weight gain: 12 pounds total; 6 lbs since pre pregnancy weight (lost 6 lbs first trimester)
Favorite thing so far: feeling the baby move. I think that is the only thing I will miss from being pregnant. And the ultrasound was pretty awesome too.
Sleep: Overall no complaints, other than waking several times to use the bathroom.
Fitness: I feel out of shape, but have recently started getting to the gym more frequently. I typically do a bunch of stretching, squats, arm weights and then elliptical followed by walking. Haven't run in about a month and last time I tried it hurt, so just making do!
Food: love it. So glad to be out of the first 14 or so weeks! Have not experienced any "cravings" other than what a normal me craves. Have been eating large amounts of mint chocolate chip ice cream lately though....eek!

In general I feel pretty normal right now. Other than this weird beach ball in place of my belly. I do miss my regular old body mostly because of the limits pregnancy can pose on a body. However, pregnancy is such a crazy and awesome thing to experience and I'm grateful for it. And for how well things seem to be going so far. 

I leave for the states tomorrow morning and am so excited to see my family. And to be in the states! I miss that good ol' country. 

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