Bali // Part2

The rest of our pictures from our time in Bali! Most of these were from the one day spent site seeing. It's so beautiful there! These waterfalls are called Gitgit Waterfalls. They are up in the mountains so it was a bit cooler weather and a nice long drive from where we were staying. But worth the drive!
These little offering baskets were everywhere all over Bali. I'm not exactly sure what they do/are for, I suppose a Hindu tradition? But we saw people putting them outside shops everyday. 
The lower gitgit falls.
 Up in the mountains! This isn't a good picture but they had rice terraces all over the mountains as we drove through. Very pretty!
 Wild monkeys...everywhere!
 I had never seen an obese monkey until this trip. Look at this guy!!
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan- temple on the lake. 
flying tigers representttt
look at these adorable tiny owls!!! 

scootin around!
19 weeks
pretty plumeria
Padang Padang Beach
Prettiest sunset I may have ever seen in my life. Loved Bali!

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