Bali // Part1

Ahhh, Bali. It was a dream guys. An absolute dream! It came at such a perfect time after Duke had been in the Philippines for about 4 weeks. This trip was all about relaxing. We did one day of site seeing and that was enough for me. The rest of the trip was split into beach time, pool time, eating time, massage time and walking through shops. 
We stayed in an area called Seminyak and would highly recommend it! Tons of Aussies there, lots of boutiques and shops, and some really awesome food. That was my favorite part. :)
 Bumpin at 18 weeks!
 Fresh pineapple on ze beach!
Lots of good waves for surfing. I would have loved to take lessons, but the pregnant thing kind of ruined that.
 Breakfast at our hotel! I ate so much watermelon on this trip! It's super expensive in Okinawa so I had to get my fill.
 The week we were there was a holiday, so there was lots of these bamboo things and events each night.
My beach read for the trip was "Where'd you go, Bernadette?" It was a great, quick, entertaining read. Perfect beach read!
 My favorite spot we found! We rented a motor bike (for $4 a day!!) and drove down to Uluwatu Beach. It's a surfer beach with lots of coral, but we wandered around and found our own little spot. It was nothing short of heaven. The waves and surfers were amazing to watch.
 One of the fun places we ate at was KuDeTa. It's pricey even by American standards, but the restaurant is awwwwesome, you can sit at a table or couchy tables or on the beach under an umbrella with pillows. It's right on the beach and the food is bomb.
Maybe the most awesome thing that happened on the trip is that we were bumped to first class on our flight from Hong Kong to Bali and then AGAIN on the way back. Which was super awesome bc it was a red eye. How in the world we got so lucky I'll never know. But Duke took this video on the second flight of how incredibly dorky we are. And it makes me laugh every time. One of the guys was laughing at us bc of our insane excitement. This stuff just doesn't happen!!

snug as a bug
Hong Kong airport! One day I will go outside that airport for more than 3 hours :)

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  1. lucky you guys being upgraded to first class! When I was 13 my Mum & I got upgraded to business class from Thailand to London, I still remember that trip so clearly, it was amazing. I am sure it will never happen again now that I have 2 small kids in tow!