Baby Girl on the Way

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound. Which means-I'm halfway! Wahoo. Although my pregnancy symptoms aren't bad right now, I'm already excited not to be pregnant. It's fun, but so weird. Anyways, back to the ultrasound. We were able to find out we are having a girl! I of course was ecstatic. Little boys are great too, but I had been thinking girl this whole time and knew if it was different it would take me a day or so to change gears. Duke is also excited.

I realize that posting a bunch of ultrasound pictures is weird and that most people don't care to see them. But I had to post a couple. Including the scariest picture I've ever seen.
 A couple semi-normal ones..followed by this:
Apparently our baby is a cyborg. Haha, so scary!!! 
A couple pictures from Friday when I hit 20 weeks. The bump really popped out the last couple weeks. Can't believe it!

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