Camping on Miyagi Island

About 3 or so weeks ago our little family packed up and headed an hour east to Miyagi Island. Our friends told us about this tiny little isolated beach that was great for camping. It was such a great spot! We were the only ones there until the morning when some fisherman came. The spot is off a little farm road that is a bit out there and the stars were amazing at night. And nothing beats waking up in the morning, unzipping the tent and seeing the ocean waves rolling in. If you live in the area I would so recommend this place for camping! (All these pictures are from my iphone.)
 Winston is such a water dog. So he was in heaven the whole time. He loves the beach!
 Duke decided to drive the car closer to our campsite to pack up our stuff, which ended up getting our car stuck in the sad. We tried to dig it out, but had to end up calling a tow truck. And the sad part is the tow truck got us out, but then got stuck. We had to leave to pull out cash to pay the guy (the Japanese are so trusting!) and when we got back there was another tow truck pulling him out. Lesson learned.

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