Yaeyama Islands

This past weekend Duke got Monday off so we decided to make use of the long weekend and took a last minute trip to the Yaeyama Islands. They are the most western islands of Japan and realll close to Taiwan. We stayed on Kohama Island. It was pretty small, we explored the whole island on scooter in less than 2 hours. 
It's also pretty remote. Only a handful of people living there. I think the cows outnumber the people and most the island is sugarcane crops. We were also definitely the only white people on the island. But it was fun that way. When we got off the ferry, a guy came up to me and then pointed at our name on his paper, because clearly we were the only white people with an American name. It was nice though, because I walked right past him trying to find a ride to our hotel and turns out he was the ride! There are perks to being an outsider!
 This water buffalo was chillin outside our room. 
Sunset with mountains on Iriomote Island in the background
These beaches were really awesome. I found some really pretty shells along the shore and a pretty good size clam shell. You know the pretty ones with the edges that curl? I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but I had to take it!
 tiny little crab guy up there^

 had this little beach all to ourselves!
 Also, Duke asked to be buried in the sand, so I obliged.
 scootin around. who is this guy?^
The place we stayed at had this goat that hung out all day by this tree. I didn't really understand. But on the way back to the ferry I saw a tiny baby goat and it made me day. 
 Had to take a picture of this guy making omelets with giant chopsticks.
 The beach at the resort. It was awesome, but would have been nice if it was a biiiit warmer. 
 So all Japanese hotels (well the 2 I've been to) supply you with Japanese pajamas and slippers (since they don't wear shoes around their house). This place we stayed even had a special set of slippers that is only for use inside the toilet room. And apparently this is common in Japanese households. So we put on our pj's and slippers and read on our balcony just to really let the culture soak in ;). I love the Japanese and all their little cultural differences. I also learned it is rude to blow your nose in public (which I knew), but especially rude at dinner. I learned that part after I blew my nose at dinner. But what did they want me to do??! Sometimes you just got to blow your nose. Sorry Japan.
 This here is actually sunRISE. Which I am usually never awake for, so I had to document. It is pretty, but I'm good with just a sunset.
Goodbye Ishigaki! I believe I will be back.

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