International Orchid Show

The weather has been so dreary this past week. However, this orchid show was so beautiful-it was a good pick me up, even in the rain and cold. It was pretty much exactly what it sounds like-tons and tons of orchids! So here's some pictures of the pretties. (All iphone pictures unfortunately, I realized I left my sim card i my computer when I got there. grrrr)
 orchid chandelier, whhhat
 black orchids!
 (not an orchid)
 my cute friends
 loved all the pretty tulips too!

Also had to throw in a picture of this, looks like a drinking fountain, but it is not. It is a mouth wash fountain. Take a swig, gargle, spit it out. There's even a button that washes away your spit. Can't get over all the new gadgets I see out here. These Japanese people seriously think of everything!

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