Thailand Krabi- Part 2

 This place is paradise. I think I need to go back! These are the pictures from our last couple days in Krabi. Our 3rd day we did a 4 island tour by longtail boat. We visited Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island, and Phranang Cave/Island, then had them drop us off at Railay Beach. *disclaimer-this post has a lot of pictures. However I took about 1000 pictures on this trip, so believe it or not, I REALLY cut back on what could have been. ENJOY!
Poda Island
 Next time we go we're signing up for this climbing tour^ you get to climb and then just jump off into the water. Looks pret-tyy sweet.
Chicken Head Island (also my lens was clearly dirty this day..hence the little specks on a lot of the pictures..so sad)
Phranang Cave
The next day we hiked up an insane amount of stairs to what is called "Tiger Temple". Sadly there are no tigers, but there is a really big buddha at the top and we decided that was good enough. 
just a peachy 1237 steps to the top!
The steps were big and super steep. Good workout.
Monkeys. Everywhere.
At the top!
Big Buddha
so many Buddhas
praying to Buddha. I never did, but thought maybe I should have to cover all my bases, ya know?
Also, we got a water camera. The quality doesn't appear to be awesome, but I still kind of like how some of them turned out. It's like the old school, junky cameras. All the below pics are from the water camera. 

we took turns floating back while the other paddled

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  1. you guys saw way more of thailand than i ever did...and i was there for 2 1/2 weeks! my dumb 19 year old self just wanted to camp out on the beach the whole time. i need to go back!