Thailand-Ao Nong/Krabi Part 1

So this trip was fun. I've wanted to visit Thailand for years and when we found out we were moving to Japan I let Duke know it had to be first on our list of trips. And so he obliged. We arrived on Christmas day and were able to see the tiniest bit of Hong Kong during our 6 hour layover. We visited Ao Nang/Krabi, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Our definite favorite was the beaches around Krabi & Ao Nang, but Chiang Mai had some cool things too. If we go back, we'd just do the beaches and maybe visit Phuket to mix it up. We planned only 4 days at the beaches and it just wasn't enough!  Also we'd still go during "cool" season, but not peak season-too many people. Without further ado, here are pictures from one of my favorite vacations I've been on.
wild monkeys on the beach! they were pretty cute

lots of cheap and sometimes painful massages- this one duke kept asking "softer" and the lady said "I already go soft for you" and just kept on keeping on. we had to laugh to keep from crying.
hitching a ride on the long tail boats over to Railay beach-one of our fav beaches in the area to go rock climbing
our view for our climb! on East Railay. The place was just so beautiful.

 the pro^
if you look really close towards the bottom you can see people climbing^^ that's where we were!
Railay beach at sunset


  1. love the diet coke can pic and love you!

  2. I want to copy every bit of this trip ASAP!!! Looks so awesome! Love how a Thai Diet Coke was also in the mix ;)