Chiang Mai Thailand

We spent 4 days in Chiang Mai. We did Elephants, Tiger Kingdom, Don Inthanon National Park, more massages, wandering through the town and eating too much! Here's the pictures our three other days.
The tigers were AWESOME. Although I do regret not seeing the baby tigers. You had to pay separately for each size tiger you visited and I was trying to not be a whiney wife, but I think I should have been in this instance. Still very cool. Also I found out my cat allergy does extend to tigers! We spent 15 minutes petting them and my allergies were AWFUL the rest of the day. So there goes my dream of having a baby tiger for a pet. 
giant ants
Don Inthanon was a really pretty park with lots of waterfalls. It's an interesting park bc they have a lot of hill tribes that live in the park and are selling stuff all over. A little different from US  national parks. 
 New Years Eve in Chiang Mai. It was so beautiful with lanterns scattered through the sky. We walked through all the markets, lit some lanterns, visited some Buddhist temples, did the countdown and then headed home. Fun way to start the year!
 This was interesting to watch and listen to the monks chanting at one of the temples.
 Happy 2014!
One morning we rode bikes to the nearest 7/11 and fruit stand to get breakfast. We stayed a bit out in the boonies and the Thai food is a liiiittle different than in tourist land and we weren't feeling quite that adventurous. So thank heaven for 7/11. They got that slogan right.
We enjoyed Chiang Mai-however if we were to do it over again, we would have spent more time at the beaches, less time in Chiang Mai. Also we took the over night train back to Bangkok and unless you're super poor I would not suggest it. Could barely sleep and so we wasted most the next day sleeping in our hotel room. Now we know!

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