January in Okinawa has not been too shabby. It was a bit chilly the first part of the month but this past week has been perfection. Clear skies, 70+ degrees, beautiful beaches minutes away..I really feel like I live in a little paradise out here! The sunshine is just so good for my soul. Here's some pictures from what we've (I've) been up to this past month.
^photo by Annie again!
peace prayer park
painted myself a little kokeshi doll!
pedicure at cocok's (pronounced coco's)
snowcones as big as my face. 
This is my life you guys. It's really rough ;)


Cherry Blossom Festival

January in Okinawa seems to be the flower blooming month. And I for one am loving it. The saukura's are blooming left and right and they are insanely beautiful. I'm hoping to take my dad and Duke up north this weekend to visit them one more time! These photos are taken from Mt Yadake & Nakijin Castle Ruins. 
Stole this pic from Annie^
 Will never get over how beautiful Okinawa is.



I love fashion as much as the next person...but please tell me how these pants are a thing. Anthropologie, sometimes you are a giant weirdo. The good news is they are on sale! Go and get them for only $159 while they last! Wear them to your next dress like a clown event! Money well spent. 

Sunflower Festival

Something funny about Japan is they love to turn everything into a festival it seems. A field of sunflowers? Add a few booths and bam, it's a festival! I like it though. I appreciate their celebration of the small things. Recently I went to the sunflower festival. I love sunflowers! They are such a happy flower. Here's some pictures from the "festival".
Brought some home for $3! Nothing better than fresh flowers to brighten your mood.


Ayutthaya Thailand

My last Thailand post! Our last day we drove an hour north of Bangkok to Ayutthaya-the once upon a time capital of Siam with tons and tons of ancient ruins. It was a particularly hot day and we were a little Buddha-ed out so we didn't even see half of what there was to explore, but what we saw was very cool!
These were the coolest elephants ever. They were doing handstands!! whhhhaat?!