Tokyo, part II

Our last day in Tokyo we hit up the Imperial Gardens, rode a rickshaw, Sensoji Temple, ate the best sushi of my life, and walked around Akihabara aka electronics heaven for nerds. These first handful of pictures are from the Imperial Gardens. I took 335 pictures from the 2 1/2 days we were in Tokyo and it was reallly hard to pick and choose, so I apologize for picture overload. But not really :)
concert hall in the gardens
 Mt Fuji Keep
 Rickshaw in Asakusa!
 Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon) Temple
 Duke insisted we imitate the statues (this is for whitney)
 taking pictures of each other bc we're totally crazy like that
 Incense burning. Never figured out the meaning behind this one, but everyone was fanning the smoke onto themselves, so naturally I joined in.
 Another temizu..and while writing this I just remembered that mizu means water..so that totally makes sense

awwwwesome fresh sushi
 Tokyo Skytree in the background

We'll be back Tokyo!

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