I'm looking back through my pictures of when we were in Utah and seriously, it's so beautiful there! I always forget how pretty that place is. Utah was a quick, little trip. We went to Logan for a couple days, Salt Lake and Provo. Saw some people but not everyone which was sad, but that's life.
The first part of the pictures below are from the hike to Red Pine Lake which is up Cottonwood Canyon. It was gorgeous with the fall colors coming in and the weather was pretty great. The best part was on the way back down we saw a bull moose, mama moose and a baby moose crossing our path! I've never seen a moose before so I was pretty excited. We kept our distance but snapped a few pictures. 
the meese!!^^ How cool are they?
baby moose trailing behind^
We also went up to Park City--rented some mountain bikes, rode the lifts up the mountain, and biked down. It was incredibly beautiful and very fun, until the middle of the second run down. I hit a little hump (on purpose even!) going way too fast and supermanned right over the handle bars and my poor little body was just drug along the rocks and dirt for probably like 20-30 feet. I don't know, it was kind of a blur. First biking accident. It hurt like a mofo. I couldn't even bend my knee properly for a week or so, and my wounds are still healing almost 2 months later. Gosh. But at least I sound like I'm super hardcore now.
 yep, I did put a close up of my wounds. Just for all of you queasy people ;)
My knee doesn't look bad, but it was swollen and bruised for a long time. Oh good times.
 Such a good nurse^
 This picture makes me laugh, so it's just here for comedic relief^
 My sister Brittany, her husband Jules and Winston. He loved Utah.
Duke's friends at JDawgs. Yum.
Until next time! Now someone send me some Cafe Rio pronto.

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