I'm alive!

We just received the first shipment of our stuff and got into our place yesterday and I can't even tell you how happy that makes me. I have a kitchen and all of my kitchen items again for the first time since MAY! It's been rough living out of a suitcase for almost six months. 

But here we are, in JAPAN! It has been the craziest, roller coaster of a month since we got here. I've met tons of great people, we've spent half of our savings on buying 2 used (but great!) cars and who knows what else (its quite horrifying to see half of your savings gone in a matter of weeks!), we've been lost countless times, experienced many a language barrier, seen gorgeous views, removed a gecko from the house (i screamed a few times, bc gosh those guys are QUICK!), eaten some good and not so good food, been to the ER (i'm ok), cried, laughed, experienced all of those emotions and been so crazy busy! 

I saw the above picture and laughed but thought that is exactly how I feel today! I've had a really rough week for personal reasons that I'd like to blog about at some point, but am not ready to yet. I have felt sad amidst the hustle and bustle. Today was the first day in a while I was able to sleep in and hang out alone. I just got dressed about an hour ago (about 1pm) bc the house inspector was coming by. But we all need those days once in a while, right?

I have so soooo much I would like to blog about from the last almost 2 months of my blogging hiatus, and so if you don't mind I'm gonna play some catch up for a while! I'm excited to share all the lovely, weird quirks that we observed living here so far. Everyday is interesting and entertaining. We love it so far. I'm really glad we chose to come out here and can't even believe we'll be in the same place for THREE years!!! Whhhhattt?! Hopefully we don't get restless ;).

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