Hiji Falls

The really awesome thing about PSC-ing (permanent change of station) to Japan was Duke's squadron gave him plenty of time to adjust and get settled before starting work everyday. We decided to take advantage of the time we had and see some sights together! This day we drove about an hour or so north to hike to Hiji Falls. It was really pretty and very lush and green. Mostly the hike was walking up TONS of stairs, but it wasn't bad at all. Also all these pictures are iphone pictures, so the quality is meh, but you get the idea.

 The falls!
 Duke jumped in, while I stayed and took pictures. 
 We still didn't have a car at this point, but were sick of being stuck in the hotel and had just found out we could RENT cars right next door! So we took advantage of having a car and went out for some local food. It was kind of a bummer food experience to be totally honest, haha. I had heard about this place-Kitakaisen-from a Okinawa facebook group I was part of, but didn't seem to live up to the hype in our opinions. But they had a large variety including have horse meat sashimi! (which we weren't brave enough to try). We did like the tempura sweet potatoes we got. The sweet potatoes here are not the same as in America. And actually the kind we had were yellow-fleshed which I thiiiink is the sweet potato they use mostly in mainland (could be very wrong on that). However, sweet potatoes are a big thing here in Okinawa. There are two different kinds--Ube & Beni Imo. And they use them in EVERYTHING. They are a really pretty purple color and are probably super healthy. I haven't given them a go to be honest...yet! But they use them in ice cream, pastries, candies, bread..and probably lots of other things. I do miss my regular old american sweet potato though!

Okinawa sweet potato^
 I just bought our own chopsticks actually so that we can become pros! We have learned the proper etiquette while using them and what to do and not to do with them. Sticking them straight into your food is considered offensive and so is passing the food from chopstick to chopstick!
Also here is one of our cars we got! This is the one I drive, because the seat doesn't go back far enough for Duke's long legs. So after buying this car that was Duke's main concern with the next car. In the states I was not a huge cube fan, but they are probably the most popular car here. If it isn't a cube, it looks like a cube. But they do have vans and regular sedans as well. Duke's car is more normal American style so it's too boring to be pictured here. Also I think we've adapted well to driving on the wrong side of the road, although I can't tell you how many times I go to the wrong side of the car to get in. I don't even know which side is the "right" side any more. I am confused for life.

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