New York New York Part II

Remember when I went to New York? Well, here's the second post of that trip. A little late, but that's what happens when you don't have a computer and are on the road! I threw the rest of the pictures into this post, so this may be picture overload. Proceed with caution. 
We explored the Village, which I had never done before and I loved it. This is where I'd want to live if  I moved here. It's so charming! Lots of cute shops and adorable homes with trees lining the street, ivy climbing up the buildings and precious little stoops up the doors. We ate at Joe's Pizza in the village (delish), wandered the village, then made our way to Washington Square Park.
Of course, there was some shopping in Soho. Paige & I got adorable tiny bags, so we had to take a picture.
We went to the Moma-they have free admission on Friday's after 4. I would recommend paying the fee unless you love being cramped and surrounded by millions of people. Still fun though.
Then we got talked into a pedicab ride around Central Park by Stacy and the guy selling it to us. I have to say, it was pretty fun though and a nice break for our feet.
We found this car below just sitting on the side of the road that said "sealed for evidence". Interesting...
Saturday morning we went took some pictures from the rooftop of Paige's sisters building. Kinda fun.
Then we headed to Brookyln/Williamsburg for SMORGASBURGGG. AKA food central.
The following are all food pictures from smorgasburg...mmmmm.. I went a little crazy.
maple bacon on a stick^
Had me a slice of this margarita pizza w/kale. pretty good
Paige got the fried chicken but said she was a little disappointed. Looks good though.
Stacy got the lumpia, which I tried and was delicious.
Stacy and Paige tried the yummy looking Dough doughnuts. And I forgot to take a picture of what I got, but I waited in the longest line for mine-like 20-30 mins long. It was some kind of pork amazing sandwich. Worth the wait.

We then headed to Artists & Fleas that was close by. Got adorably dainty "friendship" rings and some cool t-shirts. Places like this make me wish I lived in a big city. They've got the coolest stuff!
This ice cream was like...amazing. Got it from a little cart outside the flea. It was lemoncurd and graham cracker. Everything made from scratch. I can't tell you enough how much I liked it. yum yum yum. NY is the just the best.

Wafels & Dinges waffels. Pretttty gooood. We kind of ate a lot.
walking through brooklyn^

Ended the day by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. 
Well, we officially ended it by getting pedis & manis for a total of $23!! Another reason to move to NY. They even gave a mini hot stone massage. It was a fun trip and I can't wait to visit again!


  1. awwwwwwwwwww i love these pictures!! so much better than phone pictures. i miss new york!