West Viriginia--Wild & Wonderful

Isn't West Virginia's motto a good one? Wild & Wonderful. I like it. We spent our Labor Day weekend exploring the New River Gorge area in West Virginia. What a beautiful place!!! Duke kept saying it reminded him of Costa Rica. We camped at a place called Adventures on the Gorge. We didn't realize until we got there, but it is a huge outdoor adventure resort area that is realllly cool. We rented mountain bikes from them and went white water rafting with them. They also have a million other activities you can do through them too. If you are in the area I would highly recommend!
Duke has really brought out the adventurer in me and I really love that about him. At heart, I am a girly girl, but I can be a adventurer too! And love it! A lot of times I feel hesitant to do some of the things wants to do, but I also have SO much fun. I was super hesitant about spending 3 nights in a tent in the humid summer nights out here, but it was fun and I'm glad we did it.

I feel so blessed to be able to really explore this awesome country we live in. Like seriously, America is so awesome and so versatile in it's landscapes. I still have a huge bucket list of places to go just in this here country. I'm gonna really miss it when we're in Japan-but that will be a whole other adventure. But gosh, get out there and take advantage people! Explore!

Is this place unreal or what?!
So this bridge is 2nd highest arch bridge in the world. 876 feet. Once a year they have Bridge Day, where people can base jump and rappel off of it. How crazy cool is that?! It's about 1,000 ft down from the roadway. Its October 19, and if we were still out here then, I would at least go spectate! 
 There is something pretty cute about watching my husband make fire.

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