Mountain Biking in West Virginia

My life is INSANE right now! We arrived home from West Virginia on Labor Day and my mom came into town on Tuesday. Wednesday morning I left with her on a trip through North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and Charleston, SC. It was awesome, but I got sick and am still recovering. I got home last night, my mom left this afternoon, and tonight I leave for NYC until the 16th. And in between all of that I'm running around trying to get appointments and paperwork done and trying to get Winston taken care of for our flight to Japan. Then we leave Sept 20 to road trip to LA, where we will fly to Japan Oct 10. It's absolute chaos and I am a hot mess right now. I showed up to my dentist appointment at 2:45 today (I thought it was at 3, nope 2:30)-none of my paperwork was filled out, no makeup on, I managed a body shower but my hair is greasy and sandy from the beach this morning. It's a miracle I'm still functioning. I am here to tell you, there is such thing as too much vacation. I need a vacation from my vacations! 

Anyways, here are some pictures from our Mountain Biking Day in WV. This was a super hard/annoying trail. It was just created in July and I felt like we were paving the way in many parts with the weeds and grass up to our knees on our bike. Plus LOTS of mud. It was a beautiful ride though, and I felt pretty hardcore for enduring until Duke was done. Yay!

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