Seattle Part II

 The rest of the time we were in Seattle we spent time with Hannahs family getting ready for the big day and trying to fit in some time to relax. The first few pictures are from the Seattle temple a few days before the wedding. Aren't Hannah and Tyler just the cutest?
 Admiring the Lims garden.
 I got a new lens right before I left for the trip. So Britt and Jules posed for me to practice a bit. I'm pretty sure modeling is the next career step for these two. ;)
 Oh helloo! We were a little camera happy that night. I'm pretty good at posing too. Obviously.
 Hannah's dad is from the Philippines and made us some traditional Filipino food one night. It was SO GOOD. Pictured below is Lumpia- the Filipinos version of the egg roll, we also had Filipino adobo, some stir fry, and some radishes soaked in a vinegar/sugar mix. Loved it all. 

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  1. Looks like fun times! So this is kind of crazy... I think I was on a BYU Study Abroad program in Madrid with your husband, Duke, in 2006. I just clicked on your G+ page and put two and two together. Small world! Tell him I say what's up!