My Little Brother's Wedding

Last Saturday my little brother Tyler got married to Hannah Lim in the Seattle temple. It was such a sweet and wonderful wedding. Maybe the first time I've seen Tyler shed tears since he was a little lad. I'm so glad they found each other and I really love the girl he married. She is awesome and so is her whole family. Weddings are just so much fun! Especially when it's immediate family. Just the BEST. And now let the photo dump begin! (And thanks to my Aunt Shirleen for some of these pictures!)
My family! (minus Duke who couldn't be there)
 SO happy some of my cousins were able to come!
 We had a good ol' time decorating the car

 See all those cans^? I got a text from Tyler that said "I don't know how many cans there were, but when we got to the hotel there was only one left." Ha.
my sister brittany
 My cousins son Greyson- I really wanted to take him home with me!
 Tyler & his best bud Josh
It was so much fun to celebrate their love! Happy wedding Tyler & Hannah!!

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