Life Lately

Life is a little crazy at the moment! We've been trying to plan the next couple months of our life and literally something huge changes every single day! Since we've received our orders the date that we have to fly to Japan has changed 3 times. So basically if I told you I was coming to visit you...don't count on it until I'm actually on the road.
The other huge stress factor is getting Winston over there. I am only reading horror stories about English Bulldogs dying in the cargo section of the plane. So I feel like I'm deciding his fate here. I'm currently looking into every single option possible. I even looked at charting him a private flight out there, until I found out that was about $150,000. Ha! I'm not that crazy. I still have a few ideas up my sleeve, so we'll see what I can manage! If I have to leave him in the states I am going to ball my little eyes out so hard. Who wants to be Winston's backup parents? (like for real)

Speaking of Winston-I'm sooooo grateful to my parents and little brother for watching him this summer! He's had a few illnesses which are never fun and they have treated him just how I would. So THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!

We're hoping to leave here on Sept 20, so it is officially crazytown over here getting things ready! There is apparently a lot to do when you move overseas with the military. BUT I'm taking it at day at a time. It's all gonna be fine. I just wish things would stop changing everyday! It also appears that Duke and I aren't going to be able to fly on the same flight due to Winston. That little booger better realize how much we freaking love him!

All of that aside, life is still goood. We are going to West Virginia this weekend to do some climbing/white water rafting/camping. So that should be fun. Yay for long weekends! Then my mom is coming to visit for a week and we'll be traveling around. And THEN, I get to go to NYC with a couple of friends. So I have some great things to look forward to! It will be exciting and crazy next couple months ahead!
New River Gorge- WV (my pictures won't be this pretty)


  1. I would totally take Winston for a few years while you're gone if our lives weren't about to drastically change either. I've already cried my eyes out multiple times over just the thought of having to find someone else for Milo to live with.

  2. Why did we get puppies before having babies?? Milo is my baby!

  3. i know! Its the worst!!! I hope things work out for milo. I'll cry for you.