Exploring North Carolina--Wilmington

I want to start this post by saying something about loving where you live. This has been a bit of a struggle for me in my married life. We've lived in small towns that really don't have a TON to offer. However, I have found that for me, loving where I live means going beyond the boundaries of my town. Jacksonville may be a dinky little town, but within a few hours there is lots to see and do!

Duke's mom was out here for a long weekend visiting and I got to play tour guide! I'm glad because it pushed me to explore the area a little bit more. 
We drove an hour south to Wilmington and explored the USS North Carolina. I read almost every sign (which I never do-I'm a skimmer) and all I really learned is that living on a boat with a bunch of Navy men/Marines sounds like prison. (Maybe worse-it's a close call). No thank you.
We visited the Bellamy Mansion and Popular Grove Plantiaton (below)
thats what tobacco plants look like^ who knew?!
My favorite part was probably these guys. They were cock-a-doodle-dooing and I loved it.
On our way to dinner I got to meet this guy. His name is Claude and the only thing he said was "apple".

Also if you are in the area we ate at two great restaurants- Chop Deli-awwwwesome sandwiches and The Basics. (I got the Green Fried Tomatoes and felt like a true southerner that day). I also can't say enough about how good Osteria Cicchetti is. SOO soo good.

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