Wilmington, North Carolina aka: the refuge for my city-loving soul. Currently we are living in Jacksonville, NC. Can I be honest? Within my first 10 minutes of driving around Jacksonville, NC I thought to myself "if we are EVER stationed here (longer than a few months), I will cry..like everyday." There are pros and cons to this military-moving-around business.  Pros: seeing different parts of the country, being within driving distance to places I want to visit. Cons: the actual cities these bases in are...lacking (so far). Luckily, there have been pretty cool places within driving distance of every city we have lived in, and thus I continue to live day-to-day. Back to Wilmington--it is about an hour drive south and really so worth the drive. There is close to nothing in Jacksonville, and close to everything in Wilmington. So I make the drive at least once a week. I went down by myself this last week and explored the historic district. It is absolutely charming. Blocks and blocks of historic homes from the 1800's, cobblestone streets, and a riverfront boardwalk a couple blocks away. I die.

 This beautiful house is the Bellamy Mansion. I missed the inside tour by 20 mins, but took a bunch of pictures of the outside. So incredibly gorgeous.
 ^this one is the building they show in Hart of Dixie for the Dr's office. And its for sale!
Does anyone know the name of these trees??^^ I am in love with them.

As you can tell, this place is charm-city!!! If we are ever stationed in Jacksonville again, we're living here. Ok husband?!

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  1. I thought that looked like the doctor office on Hart of Dixie! Looks like a real precious place.