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I spent the last couple weeks in June visiting family and friends in Utah and let me tell you: it wasn't enough! But I squeezed in as much as I could. Utah (Provo) is like my second home. All of my moms family has lived out there my whole life and so growing up we spent time out there every summer. Then of course, I lived there for 5 1/2 years for school! I miss it! I absolutely am in love with Utah in the summertime. I informed Duke that we are buying a summer house there someday. I'm obsessed.

Stewart Falls with Claire
Hike up Bell Canyon Reservoir with Whitney & her doggy Milo.
We only went up to the lake bc we didn't know dogs weren't allowed on the trail and some people were throwing a hissy fit (dog haters!) But it was a really gorgeous hike! Check it out.
I also made a priority to eat lots of yummy food. Those tacos are from Tortilla Bar in Orem. Provo/Orem has been adding so many yummy restaurants! Makes me sad I'm not there to eat at all of them.
We also checked out Black Sheep Cafe which is deeeelish! Must get the cactus pear lemonade!
I got the navajo taco trio bc i couldn't decide between the three. Could have fed me for a week (but i had too many restaurants to try!)
Sunday Funday pictures

I visited Brittany at work (Bamboo HR) and they put the panda head on me. I think I wore it well.

My favorite hike I did was up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Donut Falls. The hike was super easy and pretty fast, but you do have to shimmy up some rocks at the end to get a good look at the waterfall. Beautiful hike the whole way!
love the mountains!!! they make me happy.

Donut Falls !^
I do recommend going into the little cave to get a better shot. Extremely cold water, but totally worth it!
Then I wondered around Salt Lake for a while. Such a great city. I could live there (in the summer).
This place is pretty great. I even got a vegan chocolate cookie and is was delicious. And the lemon tart below was easily the best fruit tart I've ever had. yuuuummmy.
I also really liked Station 22 in Provo. As my friend Paige said "this is the most hipster restaurant i've been too", it is probably true. All their furniture is from an antique store. And I'm still dreaming about the burger below...mmmmm. (The Jack Kerouac Burger)
Visited the beautiful draper temple.
And then Stacy came to town! And I dragged everyone on this hike down in Spanish Fork that was suppose to lead to some hot pots and waterfalls in 100 degree weather. And then everyone thought we were lost and we ended up turning around after an hour, and later found out we were soo close! Oh well!! Next time. Still a pretty hike.
Explored City Creek mall with rach and whit! aren't they cute?!
"I want to see mountains again, Gandalf! Mountains!" (That goes through my head every time I see mountains.)

One night Britt, Jules and I went down the canyon to Bridal Veils falls and caught the waffle truck. It was quite delicious!

The last hike I did was Ensign Peak in SLC. Super quick hike and a beautiful view of the SL valley.
We also had a family reunion while I was out there. I failed to take many pictures, but always to fun to see my fam bam! And look at my cute 88 year old grandma! (good thing we were wearing name tags)
My brother Tyler and his fiance Hannah! Also cute.
Tyler was lucky enough to have his birthday the same day as the reunion (poor guy-its been this way his whole life! Always somewhere doing something on his bday) But yay! I can't believe he's 24.
The last day before I left my family drove up the Alpine Loop. This world is just so beautiful guys. And you know, just in this country there is SO much to see! I'm so grateful for the all the beauty and can't wait to visit again soon!
little lovebirds^
me and my momma.

Such a fun trip and I'm already ready to go back!

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