Our First Regatta!

Last Saturday Duke and I got to participate in a regatta! It was a just for fun type of event, but I think it's worth mentioning we took 2nd place...just behind the sailing instructor...no big deal. :)

It was pretty fun. We sailed in a 14 footer across the marina to a little beach. We had some lunch and waited for the rest of the boats to show up and then headed back. When Duke moved to Pensacola he decided to pick up sailing since he was lacking his beloved mountains. It's been a fun hobby, although nerve-racking at times (like the couple times we were in a storm, and the million times i swore we were soooo close to tipping!). We now have dreams of one day buying our own sailboat and sailing around the Caribbean, the Japanese islands, Indonesia...and wherever our little hearts take us. Some day!
the skipper of the boat

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