July 4th Weekend

I'm super behind here! But I wanted to make sure I blogged about the 4th, because I didn't last year and I still have no idea what we did for it! Plus we kind of did cool stuff worth documenting..soo ya know.

So I flew to Arkansas from Utah, and then drove from Arkansas to Knoxville, TN where I was meeting Duke for the weekend. We stayed with one of his friends whose parents lived on a lake. It was beauuutiful! And rainy. Isn't it the worst when it rains on the 4th of July?? However, we made the best of it!
We both downloaded the app Twist so we could look at where we each were and when we were arriving. It was kinda fun and cute to look at the little dots getting closer!
I went wakeboarding for the 2nd time in my life, but the first time staying up! (thats duke^ he's a already a pro)
thats me guys! proof that i did it! ^
love this dogs eyes!

The next day we headed to a place called Ozone Falls. 120 ft waterfall we were going to rappel down. It was my first time rappelling and it was a little scary at first. We walked up to the top of this waterfall and you couldn't even see the to the bottom because the rock caved in. We tied a rope around a tree and then Duke just went for it. It was crazy. When it was my turn I was freaking out a little bc you couldn't really push off your feet, it was more just a free fall and I really wasn't sure what to expect, but it was way fun and I felt totally fine once i did it. 
 I have to say, I love being married to an adventure junkie. He's constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and I always end up having fun. So thanks Duke :)

Next, it was off to the smokies! We mostly just drove through it on our way home. I was having a foot issue and couldn't really walk on it, so we did just one hike. But by jupiter, it was absolutely gorgeous! You all better put this one on your list if you haven't been there yet! 
 We saw Smokey the Bear's wife and children! I didn't get a good picture of the cubs, they mostly came out looking like black blobs, but they were hopping all around following their mama. It was so adorable. And they were only about 20 yards off! I love seeing cool animals in their habitat. It's just the coolest thing.

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