Stacy Visits Part I

Stacy is one my most dear friends! We met in 9th grade and soon became BFFs and have luckily stayed that way ever since! When I knew I'd be here a while without Duke we made arrangements for her to visit and it really was a blast. And when 2 girls get together a bajillion pictures are taken and so that is why this post is part I.

I picked her up in San Antonio and had an amazing breakfast at Magnolia Pancake Haus. I had Banana Bread French Toast- banana bread that was then french toasted. It was prreeettty good. Then we headed to Austin. We first checked out Mt Bonnell. It was seriously like 100 degrees the whole weekend we were there. I decided that is should be socially acceptable to walk around in swimsuits when the weather is above 95. Which is basically what we did the next day. Anyways...GREAT views of the city. I just love this place. There is all the city things and some outdoorsy things and its green and hilly. 
Then we drove over to the 360 bridge. Hiked up about 5 minutes for some more great views.
Ok, see all those black cloud looking things that look like dementors from Harry Potter (below)? They are bats!! How cool is that?! There was SOOO many!
That night we ate at good old Salt Lick with Erica and her boyfriend Mark.

 Next day we spent a really long time at the Whole Foods flagship store downtown. It's attached to Whole Foods headquarters and it is AMAZING. I just absolutely love this store, and this was the whole foods of all whole foods. Every department just had so many choices and options. The foodie in me was truly in heaven. I think we were there for like 2 hours wandering around. Then of course we ate there on the roof. It was super cute and made me super happy. Also I was a huge dork and took pictures.
baconnnnn. This picture is for Duke.

they even had cute little longhorn cookies

 Then we went kayaking down the river that runs through downtown. So much fun. Have I mentioned I'm in love with this city?
look at the swan and her little ducklings with their booties in the air!!

Then we went to Barton Springs Pool right next door. It's a spring thing thats been turned into a little pool. Fun fact-my something-great grandfather was scalped & killed by indians in this very spot! Poor guy. I should also mention while we were here we felt like we had been transported to the 60's/70's. Very free-spirit-don't shave your armpits-wear-flowers-in-your-hair.
spotted some people working on their yoga poses.
Home Slice Pizza


  1. I thought I was your best friend. /charlie brown music

  2. @B-best friend is a tier-not a person ;) as mindy kaling says

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  4. Best trip ever!! Can I just live there already!