Duke Gets Wings

So a lot has happened this month, but the biggest was Duke getting his wings!! I'm so proud of him for making it to this point. I can attest that it has not been easy! Many many many nights and days of studying and sticking to it! And mainly I'm just proud of him for accomplishing what he really wanted to do/be- a pilot. So congratulations to him! And now he can finally take me up!

Most of his family was able to come out for the winging ceremony. It was Friday April 26.  It was an all day event, starting with a breakfast for his class. There he got his soft-patch wings (the ones he wears on his flight suit) and we got to check out the hanger where some planes were and what not. Then we got to take turns flying the simulator. I think out of the three planes i've tried on the simulator this was my most successful go. (i didn't crash!) That afternoon was the ceremony. It was nice and even the spouses got awards!! For being supportive and neglected. I thought it was nice of the military to recognize us little spousies. We ended the night with some dinner and an after party (that we were at for maybe 30 minutes) Below are some pictures from the ceremony.
pinning on his wings!
his mom and dad helped too!

Dukes family minus Suzy
So from here he still has to learn to fly the actual osprey. He left today for North Carolina and will be there for 4 months training. I'm staying here for the rest of May for my job. (staying until the recital!) Then I am heading to Arkansas where I have to drop off Winston (Yes, I'm already crying). He can't come to North Carolina, bc Duke is there on a temporary assignment and so technically Winston and I aren't on his orders and they have him staying on a hotel on base that does not allow pets. Luckily my parents were gracious enough to babysit Winston for a few months so I can stay with Duke.

Yay for Duke!!

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  1. Soo exciting! Big congratulations to Duke! Ps we talked about it & we'll take Winston.