A random collection of pictures from April

lemon ricotta pancakes with blackberry sauce...so good. 

Made the cinnamon rolls & pancakes in the same day...it was a sugar-filled weekend to say the least!

Dressed up as Sleeping Beauty for a little girls birthday party (for work we're princesses sometimes)

^one of my tippi toes classes, they wanted to be the teachers that day. They're the cutest.

I painted that shirt. 

rode motorcycles on the beach and all along the shore with some friends

watched puppies be born--the most disgusting thing i've probably ever seen (but cool)

Duke's niece Carly loved playing dress up in our closet. Her poses kill me.

adorableness right here

 ^obsessed :)

 The Riverwalk in San Antonio

I miss him!!!


  1. Winston is livin' the good life. It looks like you 3 are always having a lot of fun!

  2. Winston is adorable with Carly. Good photos of you and Duke. You treat WInston like your kid.