A Week with the Fam Bam

My family came into town last week! Well, my parents and my two youngest siblings. They only spent half a day in Corpus Christi, then South Padre Island and I met them later in the week up in San Antonio for a Spurs game. My family left Saturday morning, but Duke and I stayed behind and just hung out in San Antonio.
We've been up there several times, but this weekend, I think I fell in love with it. We didn't do anything particularly special. We visited the LDS temple there in the morning-- which when we were going in, I saw this old couple probably in the 70's and as they were walking out the door, the wife placed her husbands cowboy hat on his head. You just had to see them. I wish I had my camera out, because it was so adorable. We also went to REI and spent some of our REI points we had. I got an awesome backpacking pack and I'm pretty excited about it! Backpacking trips here we come!!!! Went to a really awesome mall and dined on the patio at Dough Pizzeria all whilst it was 80 degrees. It was just a recipe for good day. 
Our time in Texas is coming to an end quickly! We have 4 or 5 more weeks until Duke gets his wings! Six months has flown by. So we are going to make the best of the time we have left here. 

^^Corpus Christi

vvSouth Padre Island

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