Thoughts on Family & Grandpa's Funeral

Duke and I spent a short weekend in Indianapolis for my Grandpa Bland's funeral. I wrote most of the details in my journal, but wanted to share some thoughts and pictures. When we heard the news I planned on going out and Duke was fully supportive that I should go. Then my parents urged that Duke also come, that it was a time for family to gather together. I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal because Duke had only meant him once, but I am SO SO glad he got to come. I'm so happy he was there to hear the stories of who my grandpa was and who the family I came from is.

My grandpa was 94 years old and it wasn't a huge surprise when he passed, so I didn't think I would cry at the funeral. But I did! I bawled! But it wasn't out of sadness. It was because I felt so much love during the service. My heart was so full. Each of the 6 siblings spoke of their memories of Grandpa which made me laugh and cry. The great grandchildren sang "Families Can be Together Forever".  And really everything that happened that day touched me. I really, TRULY am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family. I am grateful that such things as families exist. I mean, what a great idea!! God is smart guys. The older I get, I become just a little bit more grateful for family. And I'm not sure how I was so lucky to be a part of so many good ones. My immediate Bland family, the extended Blands, the Bushmans and now the McCrory's & Stokes. It's almost not fair. But I'm grateful, grateful, grateful.


My Grandma & the 6 kids & spouses
unfortunately Duke is actually making fun of my face here.  
cool cousins


This was when I first starting crying. Watching my grandma give her last goodbye.
And then this. So sweet. 

I really really liked this quote. And how true!


  1. Those photos of your grandma leaning over the casket made me cry. Seriously, so sweet. Glad you got to be with family. I love you!

  2. This is so sweet!! So wish I could have been there! I love my family. These pictures (and words) are priceless. Thanks Mickelle!!