Frosty My Grandpa

My mom called me tonight to let me know my Grandpa had passed away. We did know it was coming, he was 94 years old and has been battling dementia for several years now. While it is sad to know I won't see him for a while, it is good to know I will see him again. He is my first grandparent to pass away since I've been old enough to really understand (my mom's dad died when I was 5 and I handled that by running in circles around my grandma's living room, singing "grandpa's dead! grandpa's dead!" or so my mom tells me...sorry gramps). I know most of you won't care to read on, but I wanted to write down my memories of my grandpa for myself and my future family and my existing extended family.

I probably don't know my grandpa as well as many of my cousins do, because he lived in the Portland, Oregon area while we were always over here in the midwest. But we were lucky to see them about once a year or every other year. Also I was younger and the memories don't stick as well sometimes.

The coolest thing about my grandpa is that he went by Frosty. I've always wished I had a cool nickname, but that didn't really work out for me. Since he had this cool nickname we would always sing Frosty the Snowman to/with him. It was just what we did. And we would always replace "the snowman" with "Frosty, our grandpa...".

Grandpa was also known for his jig. As he got older he didn't do it as much, but I know we have footage of it somewhere from my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. And sometimes we'd convince him to do it when he came out to visit us.

When I think of Frosty my grandpa, I almost immediately think of his laugh. Especially since he did this probably up until yesterday. He'd kinda "haha hoo" almost under his breath all the time.

He was always doing stretches and always active. Always talking about how important it was to stretch and swinging his arms around and what not. I remember him coming out to visit us when he was 80 and he'd bring his basketball shoes and shoot some hoops.

He'd always tell us what "good kids" we were. And ask if everything was copacetic. Thanks for expanding my vocab grandpa! And I remember combing his hair when he came to visit...haha I don't know why, but we'd take him comb and just comb his white hair!

My gramps was also a hard worker. He just worked, worked, worked. And when he came and visited he would work some more!!

He served in the Air Force in WWII. I can't remember what he did, but I'm pretty sure he was in the pacific theatre. And I do remember asking him about his experiences and him going on and me realizing I wasn't as interested as I thought I was ;).

I remember when I was super young showing him our garden. There were all these bees flying around and he told me not to put my hand on this timber or they would sting me, well apparently I forgot and put my hand there, and I got stung. And that is the story of my first bee sting. :)

I'm trying to remember him before his dementia sat in, but I think it has been maybe 7 years now? And unfortunately my memory isn't as good as I wish. I'll probably add to my memories as I recall them. But I do know that even in his dementia he was a hoot! And honestly, I will miss hearing all the funny things he has said or done without realizing it. The only thing I can remember off the top of my head is someone asking him how old he was and him seriously replying "600". And also for the record, he totally was playing basketball and made a shot! Even at 94 (maybe 93 at the time?) years old. What a sport. I hope I can be like that when I'm old! (maybe minus the dementia).

Love you Granda! And we'll see you soon! Everything is Copacetic!

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