Saturdays are fun days

Saturday was fun. Instead of the "gotta get stuff done" type of Saturday, it was more of a "lets just have fun" Saturday. It was sooooo nice. Especially after a rough week of having my car in the shop TWICE and having it die while driving. But thats a story for another day. On Saturday we slept in, got a nice little workout in, then went sailing! Duke met a guy when he checked into the base here who was into sailing, and that guy met a cool old British dude with a sailboat and on Saturday we got to come along as the crew. (Well I mostly sat there- perks of being a girl who didn't take sailing lessons). It was awesome. In Pensacola the biggest boat we sailed on was 22 foot and this one was 41 foot. So it was a little more complex, but good learning for that some day dream of having our own sailboat! Not to mention the weather was phenomenal. Sunny skies, mid 70's, amazing. Afterwards we went to eat at Grimaldi's, which apparently is the same chain as the one in NY. I thought it was just a wannabe place, but it was good! Then by some sort of magic I convinced Duke to let me walk around the mall and I scored some DIRT cheap items from Forever 21. That store is a haven for a girl on a budget, let me tell you. Then we came home, got in our pjs and watched a movie. My favorite way to end the day! (and can I tell you that I shot these pictures all in manual mode??! Stilllll learning, but it's been fun!)

really need some new sunnies. yikes.

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