Big News

Nope, we're not pregnant. Sorry. But we have some big news. We finally know what our duty station will be when Duke finishes school! Yahoo!!

So without further ado, we will be moving to Okinawa JAPAN!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! But not for a while. It will most likely be the end of this year. We still have to finish up school here, then we will be moving to North Carolina for about 4 months where he will finish training. THEN we will make the move. We should be stationed there for about 3 years. Um, please come visit me!

It's all very exciting and somewhat terrifying.

Terrifying because:
I've never lived outside the US
I don't speak Japanese
Tickets to see my family/friends are probably $1000
I will most likely have my first child there

Exciting because:
I've never lived outside the US
I might learn Japanese
Maybe family and friends will visit me
And we're gonna travel all over Asia baby!
We get to save up lots of money for a house when we get back!

Isn't it crazy?! But exciting?!

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  1. This is incredible! Congrats Mickelle. What an adventure!! Make sure to plan a trip to the Philippine Islands, I can give you lots of tips!