San Antonio Quickie

Saturday we decided to head up to San Antonio to see what it was all about. We basically just checked out the Alamo and walked along the Riverwalk, which was so pretty! It was short and sweet. But fun to be with Duke and go see something new!

For Christmas Day Duke and I are staying in Corpus, so this will be our first Christmas just with ourselves. But we'll be going to visit family for a few days afterwards. Can't wait!

PS, this warm weather thing in December is so foreign to me (well i guess Florida was decently warm) but I'm really enjoying it. I know if I was in Utah I would be refusing to go outside if at all possible. However, all I've heard is that summers here are deathly, so I'm hoping to be out of here by then. 

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  1. provocative blog title. i bet that's why no one's commented on this one. muahahah