McCrory Family Year in Review

For those of you whom I could not send Christmas cards to, because let's face it, postage is pricey, here is my e-version of our Christmas card! I've gotten some really really sweet feedback from some of you who got one, and I wanted to say that it made me feel so good! I'm one of those people who's love language is words of affirmation (just ask duke) and so your kind words were really appreciated. A few have asked where I got them. I made them myself, however I completely ripped the idea off. So I can't get any credit for the idea. In fact I was so unoriginal, I pretty much stole the complete card layout and filled in my own info. I got the idea from Pinterest last year, originally from Amanda Jane Jones, graphic designer extraordinaire. Next year I plan to be more original, but she just nailed it the first time. Plus it was a lot cheaper to make them myself and I actually really really enjoyed doing it. So I hope I didn't cross over any copyright infringement laws. whoopsies if I did!

I'm also really LOVING all the cards we have gotten. I look forward to checking the mail everyday in hopes of a new one in there! So fun getting real mail from friends and family. So thanks to those who sent one. Merry Christmas!

PS. when you look at my blog on your computer, do you have to scroll to see the whole arrow in the header?? My sister told me that, and I'm wondering if it's the same on anyone else computer????


  1. so cute mickelle! look at you putting nicole's classes to use. :)

    btw i have to scroll for the arrow too.

  2. thanks nichole! trying to! i've already forgotten sooo much!

  3. so adorbs (but don't quote me on that)