I can't believe it's already Thursday! Life has been nice lately. I've never had so much time to sleep and I am savoring it so. I work about 2x's a week right now, although I'm applying for some other jobs as well. I can't say I've been super productive in all my free time, but I'm getting the important things done! (like sleeping)

A couple of weeks ago Winston was having some serious face problems. He had an allergic reaction to something outside (think it was a bee sting) and the right side of his face blew up in about 20 minutes. He was rubbing his face against the carpet and would NOT stop! English Bulldogs are notorious for crazy skin problems and lots of allergies. They also have really small wind pipes and I was afraid he was gonna stop breathing so I ran him to the vet. Long story short the meds we got didn't stop the itching, and winston basically rubbed his face raw and got a bacterial infection. So it was back to the vet. 2 weeks and $250 dollars later, he's back to his cute, lovable self.

the beginning stages
at the worst :(
Last Saturday we took Winston to the beach and then went for a nice long bike ride down Ocean Dr. It was all lovely. Not to mention it was in the 80's! Doesn't really feel like December, but like I've said before, I'm ok with that.

handsome hubby
Then we took a beautiful bike ride down Ocean Dr-which runs along the bay coast. Such a great view. I think this will become a regular thing. 

Also of note, I got new glasses! It's been about 5 years and it is wonderful to see again.

Last but not least I found out last night that one of my good friends, Loral, is pregnant for the first time AND she's having twins!!! How crazy, exciting is that?! She's gonna be a great mom. Can't wait.

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