Moving Time!

I'm sitting somewhere around Beaumont, TX at a KFC while my husband indulges himself in fried chicken and I eat pita chips, with Winston hoping for a scrap! I hate fast food. It's the worst. (Except chick-fil-a). Anyways, the last 4 days have been a whirlwind. Slept in Monday morning and as we were eating breakfast Duke got a phone call telling him, his orders were in and we were moving Thursday. Umm, what?

We had leave submitted and tickets bought to Utah leaving on Wednesday. So Duke went up to base to see if we could get a later date, but no dice. So Tuesday we packed up the ENTIRE house (packing kitchens are the worst!!!), Wednesday we loaded up the truck, and this morning we left! It was all incredibly fast, but we have some great friends who helped us pack the truck. Even though the short notice was slightly unwelcome, it was nice to just get the packing over with. However I'm really not looking forward to the unpacking.

Were stopping the night outside Houston to stay with my cousin (who is so nice for offering their house!) and tomorrow we'll make it to corpus. Still have to find a place to live too.

Well back to the road!

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  1. Texas! Now you'll have to get a new sports tshirt.