Corpus Christi

We finally have internet! Thank goodness for iPhones, right?! We we are moved into our little 928 sq ft apartment! It has been an adjustment. Especially in the kitchen department (an 8-foot hallway with 2 drawers). But I think we're gonna be ok. I actually wrote two posts venting about this place, but I think I'm going to be ok, and you guys probably don't want to read that anyways! The only two bummers are we are paying a couple hundred dollars more for this place than our house we had in Milton. AND we bought a piano the day before we moved, and the movers we hired off craigslist couldn't get it up the stairs. I know there are piano movers, but we're looking at like $300 to get that puppy up here (we live on the 3rd floor) and since we are here only 6 months, Duke doesn't want to shell that out. So for now it's at a friends house.

But here we are in Corpus! We live in Texas!  Yeehaw!!! And it is HOT! The low last night was 70. The LOW. But I love it. Except that I want to wear sweaters and that just isn't happening anytime soon. But it is so incredibly nice living close to things again! Walmart is only 5 minutes away! And the mall is only about 7 minutes. This could be dangerous. Speaking of the mall, I've turned in some apps and have an interview today! I might be a mall-worker-girl! Kinda feels like I'm 16, but I'm not gonna complain about a discount! So wish me luck.

Winston had a rough couple first days in the apartment. I'm not sure if it was all the boxes or what, but I have never seen him act so WEIRD! He hid out in his fortress of solitude aka the piano bench for 2 days straight and barely ate a thing (unless it was also under the piano bench). Anytime he did come out he practically army-crawled as fast as he could to the next enclosed area he could find. Poor little guy. But he is back to his cute little whiny, snorty self today!

And here are some pictures from the move.

Goodbye Florida home!!

my view for the drive
beautiful, beautiful sunset driving thru the bayou in Lousiana (which was really cool) 

The pool at our new place ain't too shabby!

checking out the beaches. Winston approves.

We're not in Florida anymore Winston.
view from the stairs of our apt.

His haven from the madness

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