Old Pictures

I just spent a lot of time looking through some of the photos on my computer. Every time I come across pictures of baby Winston my heart melts. Here's some pictures I don't think I posted before (probably for good reason..ignore the fact that I'm just waking up in the first two?). Don't you just want to eat him up?!?!? I die.

And one very amatuer video bc I love him so!

I want a puppy again. And if this doesn't make you want a puppy, well, you must hate dogs. 


Fashion Fix

In my last post I said that the TV show Hart of Dixie was not really worth watching and I still stand by that. However, I have had too much time on my hands and have caught completely up on the show. One thing I do love about the show is the fashion! Jaime King and Rachel Bilson's characters are always dressed to a T in the cutest things I've ever seen (well for the most part). I love fashion. The older I get, the more I love it. To be honest though, I wish I didn't. I really wish that I liked saving money more than spending it on clothes, but that is not the case, to my husbands dismay. However, I am lucky enough to have a clothing budget each month, but sometimes I torture myself by going shopping online or in store when there is nothing left in the budget. Why do I do this to myself?! And that is when I wish I did not like clothes. But alas, here I am. And so I will leave you with some of the outfits I have adored on the show, in case you have a love for fashion as well.

oh love.

I hope everyone has a happy food-filled Thanksgiving! We are staying local since I have to work on black friday eek! Which yes, my first day of work is black friday...not sure how that is a good idea, but wish me luck!


Some Updates

Thought I'd just share some tidbits about life over in our parts.

Found this cute little doggy reindeer attire at target, that Winston CLEARLY loved. However, the little antlers fall down into his face unless he is looking up, so i'm gonna have to find a different set. Seriously, so cute though.

Tuesday morning I woke up all sick with just a cold. And I am a big baby when I am sick, so I sat on my couch for about 2 straight days and watched almost the entire first season of Hart of Dixie. (which by the way, isn't that good. I have to laugh at how ridiculous it is, but I do love Rachel Bilson and Jaime King, so I put up with it. Plus it's on Netflix and we don't do cable..soo it's all I got right now.)

signs of a sickee
However, I also had a job interview that day, so I sucked it up for an hour and prayed that my nose wouldn't run away. I lucked out and got the job. Yay!! It's at the mall, nothing fancy. Probably the lowest paying job I have had since...high school. But that's ok! We're only here for 6 months, so I figure as long as I've got something going on I'll be fine. 

It has been a little more challenging having a dog and living on the 3rd floor. Winston is used to ringing his little bells whenever his heart desires and going outside and inside every 5 minutes. So I'm sure he's not loving it either. Poor guy. He just loves to be outside snooping around. But it just isn't working that way anymore! For one, I am lazy and for two, I just don't have time for that. So I let him on out on the balcony to watch the cars in the parking lot and seems to enjoy that.

Also, he ate our wall this morning. And I was sitting right there on the couch as he was doing it. I thought he was just licking the wall until I heard his teeth grinding. What a weirdo! How do you even think to eat the wall??? He also tore up our carpet already. Thank you Winston, we love you so much.

Also last weekend we made a quick day trip to San Antonio to visit the temple there. We brought Winston along (and boarded him obviously). I was having weird anxiety and didn't want to leave him home alone. Duke was not very happy about this when the $15 boarding fee turned into $40 bc he had to have some dumb flu shot to stay there. But I was glad Winston got to come for the ride.

We also may start going to San Antonio every weekend (just kidding) because they have a Whole Foods, and I'm pretty much obsessed with that store. It's like Christmas for me, just going there. I even tried to apply at their headquarters in Austin after I graduated, but unfortunately they didn't have any openings for anything I was remotely qualified for. I'm not really sure why, but I just love walking around and looking at all the variety of things they have. Just walking around the store makes me happy. So we loaded up on a TON of fruit (which is already gone) and some other goodies, like delicious, made-in-store tortillas and had dinner there as well. And lucky for me it's a store that Duke enjoys as well. Possibly the only store we both enjoy visiting.

I also wore a snuggie for the first time, well wore it as intended (usually just use it as a normal blanket). And we played boggle. It was an eventful night.

Last but not least, I found these ADORABLE boots for dogs at Bed Bath and Beyond. And guess what they are called? Pugz. Hilar!!!


Corpus Christi

We finally have internet! Thank goodness for iPhones, right?! We we are moved into our little 928 sq ft apartment! It has been an adjustment. Especially in the kitchen department (an 8-foot hallway with 2 drawers). But I think we're gonna be ok. I actually wrote two posts venting about this place, but I think I'm going to be ok, and you guys probably don't want to read that anyways! The only two bummers are we are paying a couple hundred dollars more for this place than our house we had in Milton. AND we bought a piano the day before we moved, and the movers we hired off craigslist couldn't get it up the stairs. I know there are piano movers, but we're looking at like $300 to get that puppy up here (we live on the 3rd floor) and since we are here only 6 months, Duke doesn't want to shell that out. So for now it's at a friends house.

But here we are in Corpus! We live in Texas!  Yeehaw!!! And it is HOT! The low last night was 70. The LOW. But I love it. Except that I want to wear sweaters and that just isn't happening anytime soon. But it is so incredibly nice living close to things again! Walmart is only 5 minutes away! And the mall is only about 7 minutes. This could be dangerous. Speaking of the mall, I've turned in some apps and have an interview today! I might be a mall-worker-girl! Kinda feels like I'm 16, but I'm not gonna complain about a discount! So wish me luck.

Winston had a rough couple first days in the apartment. I'm not sure if it was all the boxes or what, but I have never seen him act so WEIRD! He hid out in his fortress of solitude aka the piano bench for 2 days straight and barely ate a thing (unless it was also under the piano bench). Anytime he did come out he practically army-crawled as fast as he could to the next enclosed area he could find. Poor little guy. But he is back to his cute little whiny, snorty self today!

And here are some pictures from the move.

Goodbye Florida home!!

my view for the drive
beautiful, beautiful sunset driving thru the bayou in Lousiana (which was really cool) 

The pool at our new place ain't too shabby!

checking out the beaches. Winston approves.

We're not in Florida anymore Winston.
view from the stairs of our apt.

His haven from the madness

Hello, Paradise

We love to sail. You may have noticed. I just found this post saved in my drafts. Duke's mom came to visit us for a quick weekend about 3 weeks ago. So we took her sailing. 

We sailed to a new place and it was nothing short of paradise. I believe it is part of the Ft Pickens State Park. There was nobody there. The weather was perfection and the views were absolutely stunning. I could have stayed there the rest of my life! I'm pretty sad we just discovered this spot, but if I ever go back, this is on my list.

hello little crab!

are you kidding me? and this is just a picture

We will miss you Florida. Your beaches are the best.


Moving Time!

I'm sitting somewhere around Beaumont, TX at a KFC while my husband indulges himself in fried chicken and I eat pita chips, with Winston hoping for a scrap! I hate fast food. It's the worst. (Except chick-fil-a). Anyways, the last 4 days have been a whirlwind. Slept in Monday morning and as we were eating breakfast Duke got a phone call telling him, his orders were in and we were moving Thursday. Umm, what?

We had leave submitted and tickets bought to Utah leaving on Wednesday. So Duke went up to base to see if we could get a later date, but no dice. So Tuesday we packed up the ENTIRE house (packing kitchens are the worst!!!), Wednesday we loaded up the truck, and this morning we left! It was all incredibly fast, but we have some great friends who helped us pack the truck. Even though the short notice was slightly unwelcome, it was nice to just get the packing over with. However I'm really not looking forward to the unpacking.

Were stopping the night outside Houston to stay with my cousin (who is so nice for offering their house!) and tomorrow we'll make it to corpus. Still have to find a place to live too.

Well back to the road!

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