Just a quick update on life as of lately! Duke finished his helicopter training here in Florida a couple weeks ago. Which means we need to move to Corpus Christi for the next phase of training which is multi-engine training. However, the lovely military loves to keep people guessing and as of right now they don't have money to give us orders for moving. And last we heard they may not have the money till December. So even though it is a little annoying to feel in constant limbo and I have a room that has been over taken in boxes waiting to be packed, it is nice because Duke gets to sit at home all day and do whatever he wants and we still get paid! Aren't you amazed at the military's efficiency ?! (But at least they aren't spending money they don't have I suppose)

Since he has lots of free time, we took advantage and jumped on a Space-A flight to the northeast. For non-military peeps, Space-A is a program where basically if they have seats available on a military plane and you fit the criteria, you get to hop on. It was very last minute since they only give out flight information 3 days in advance. And you have to be extremely flexible, bc you have no idea how you are getting back when you leave. We ended up having to buy a plane ticket home. We could have done a Space-A flight back, but we would have had to cut the trip shorter than we wanted, so we didn't.

The C-17 we flew on! It was really cool!

Other than that recent trip, which I'll be posting plenty of pictures of soon, I've been looking for another part-time job, because I need more structure in my job I have realized! So I'm just applying at high-school type job places since we will only be here a couple more months. But I'm pretty stoked- I just want to work somewhere cool that gives me a generous discount- is that so much to ask?!

I'm really enjoying our time here in Florida though. There are pros and cons everywhere you live I suppose, so I'm trying to enjoy the pros here! After 10 days up north, I realized I didn't really need anymore than 10 days of sub 60 degrees in my life. I know it's sad.

I also want to start writing more on this blog. I originally created the blog so that I would write more, because the more you write the better you get! (or so they say). Sometimes I feel at complete loss about what to write though. But I've found some topics and hope to get writing!

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