The Green Mountain State (Vermont)

State Capitol building in Montpelier- the smallest capital town EVER
First stop=Ben & Jerry's Factory. Let me preface this by saying that I'm a die-hard Haagen-Dazs fan ALL THE WAY. My capstone project in college was creating an advertising campaign for Haagen-Dazs and after 4 months of all things Haagen-Dazs, I convinced myself of it's greatness and will never look back. That, and Ben and Jerry's is just too sugary for my liking. I could do a whole blog post on this topic, but I will spare you. Anyways! It was a fun little stop. My favorite part was their Flavor Graveyard with all the retired flavors and little witty remarks about why they were retired.

Can you believe this sunset? Kills me!!
We spent the rest of time (1 day) in Vermont with Duke's friends he met at BYU Hawaii, the Côté's (and yes, it just took me 5 mintes to figure out how to type those accent marks). They really were the best hosts! We went to breakfast at a cute little touristy restaurant called Sugar 'n Spice, it was precious. The restaurant makes their own syrup in the spring and uses it's own syrup throughout the year. Syrup is a big deal in Vermont. In fact some vermonter's (perhaps one of the people we stayed with) love for syrup runs so deep that they carry around sample-size bottles of syrup to drink with the urge so arises. We also were treated with a Vermont delicacy of vanilla ice cream topped with syrup. And Duke had the audacity to tell our hosts he prefers Aunt Jemima's syrup over the real deal..who is he???

Hiked about 5 minutes worth of the Appalachian Trail

Shot some guns (they live on 15 acres how cool is that?)

Yes, Duke looks like a dandy with his turtleneck

Went 4-wheeling. And yes, it was really cold, ok?!

I love all the covered bridges!
Our lovely hosts!
So so many adorable churches. This was just one1
 Vermont was one the highlights for both of us. It really is an absolutely gorgeous state and we can't wait to go back in visit in the summer.

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