Next stop: Maine. There's lots I could say here, but for the sake of my time, I'll just mention highlights. While in Maine we stayed at a very nice person's house using the app Air bnb. I would highly recommend it! Our main stop in Maine (haha) was Acadia National Park. The colors weren't quite at their peak, but they were starting to change and it was beautiful regardless! We drove through the park on their one-way loop and stopped at a few places along the way.

Sand Beach was our first stop. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Next stop was a hike up Beehive Trail-up a large hill/small mountain. Loved the scenery.

We also visiting the town Bar Harbor that was close to the park. It was super touristy and cute and we were sure to eat some lobster! Which I actually have never liked, and reaffirmed while in Maine that I still do not like lobster. blech. It is a lovely state and Duke got to cross off one more state he hasn't been too while we there. Yay.

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